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Twenty Twnety World Cup Vs Asia Cup …. Cricket vs Hockey!!

September 27, 2007

A new debate now … cricket versus other games … actually, the debate should have been: the pathetic fate of sports in India except cricket.Well, I just happened to read about the hockey players making hue and cry over the step-motherly treatment given to the national game,cricket being the chief reason. I daresay this to be an absolute truth. Nobody gave a damn when India won the Asia Cup but on this twenty twenty world cup win, people are going mad after it.Whose fault is this? Government or people ?? The thing is: people will watch only that which pleases them whether its hockey or cricket or some other game.What matters is how you are promoting the game? There is nobody to endorse hockey or as a matter of fact, none of the games except cricket. The announcement of prizes in the form of money for the cricket players by BCCI is justified as it is just concerned about cricket but, this wasn’t anticipated from the government which didn’t pay much attention to the Asia Cup winners.The government should be equally responsible for all the games and not just some particular game. I personally like cricket more than any other game and I was as jubilant as any other Indian Cricket fan while I didn’t pay much attention to the Asia Cup win of the Indian Hockey team but this thing can’t be changed.If I like cricket, then I’ll obviously see cricket and if I don’t like hockey, then I won’t go for it. If hockey or any other game is advertised properly, then its possible that my interest might move towards that side also. So, I think government should look into the matter seriously now as this is going to be a big debate in the coming days because it is a shame that the hockey players have to demand their dues in such a fashion.

PS: Congrats Men in blue : you guys were awesome 🙂 .


India – US Nuclear Deal

September 5, 2007

“Save Government or N-deal” –the situation has come to this point now. Communists are anti-americans and oppsition has to oppose in everything, are these the only points going against the deal.Why don’t we analyze the situation properly?
I had a healthy but heated 😀 discussion with my friends also on this point and I thought this needs to be shared.
A few points are going against the deal. The first point which seems to be just an excuse by the deal-opposers so as to oppose the deal is : India has 25% of the total reserves of Thorium and extensive research is going on in this field to indigeneously produce the nuclear fuel at cheaper rates. But in case, we are in a deal with US, govt. won’t be interested in such research and it’ll stop spending money in such things which will not be good for our country. The second weak point which comes into picture is: India will become a puppet of Uncle Sam (US). Earlier, she had a neutral stand on the Iran issue, but after the negotiations for deal has started, India changed it’s stand and condemned Iran openly on the issue.The third point which I think is a major one is: As foreign policy of India is changing drastically towards Iran, so this is a specualtion that Iran won’t allow to build the highly publicized India-Iran gas pipeline. As Nuclear Energy will be able to make up for at most 7% of the total energy produced in our country and it’ll take at least 50 years for it to develop to such an extent that it’ll contribute something substantial during which we might we have got some good method for producing nuclear fuel or some other supply, so is it justified to leave the current profit which is waiting for us in the form of gas pipeline?

But most of us are in favour of deal I think. The first point is: Why would Iran go against the pipeline – India will get fuel and Iran will get money, proper trade, both sides will be absolutely satisfied. But deal opposers might say why would Iran sell it’s fuel to India (which is openly criticizing it) as it might sell that to other countries because every country is in dire need of fuel. (I don’t really know the intricacies in relations between India and Iran, so I wouldn’t like to go further into this point.). Many other points are going in favour of deal some of which are: We’ll get nuclear fuel which will be a boost to our civilian nuclear programme. As we are dealing with US, so it’ll further strengthen our relations with that country which may prove a boon to us.( Who knows, this might pacify our relations with Pak by US interruption (this is sth hypothetical i guess), neways,) It’ll improve the economic relations between the two countries which is essential for us to support our fast growing GDP.

So, I think a lot of discussions are needed before getting into this deal which in fact, are going on.Let’s hope that it brings out the best for our country.