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Hyderabad Bomb Blasts – Why??

May 18, 2007

A moron was laughing,a real devil smile.There were cries all around.Animosity between the two groups had taken the shape of riots.This moron got succeded in making his brainchild a real success.He was the happiest man in this careworn world – a world full of sorrows and worries,a tired world,a world completely sick of riots,bomb blasts,terrorist activities.He was celebrating his success – a success laid on innumerable dead bodies of innocent people.Suddenly the phone rang.He was anticipating some good news,a news which will intensify his success.Yes,there was the news but he was crying,crying like hell.He lost his only son in riots.”Nafrat ki aag mein doosron ko jalane valon,yaad rakho,ek din yahi aag tumhare apno ki chita jalayegi”.No amnesty should be granted to these dickheads and yes,Almighty did the same,HE tanned his hide brutally.
Now don’t misunderstand me.I’m not talking about the bomb blasts recently happened in the city.The above riots have nothing to do with today’s blasts.These riots are fictitious.This is a message for all the arseholes involved in blasts,riots and all such things.No doubt,you sadists have succeded a bit in making this world a hell,but remember,you,your family and your coming generations will also have to live in this hell along with others.
When I was apprised of the blasts by Khatri,I was appalled,my mouth agape.It’s quite obvious,such a violence is really hard to stomach.We were in the city that time and quickly hired an auto to rush to our insti.People were rushing to their homes anticipating some more blasts as is usually the case.Everybody was in a hurry.Police was trying to ameliorate the conditions.144 came into effect at certain places to control the situation.
The reason behind the blasts is arcane to us,but what I personally beleives is these are the attempts to alienate the two groups for certain selfish reasons. Why?The blast took place in Mecca Masjid on a busy time and that too on Friday with a remote operated bomb.Everything seems to be properly planned by the arseholes.Maybe something is amiss in what I’m thinking but my mind can locate only this reason.The two groups have lived amicably in this city for years and I expect and pray the same to happen now also,no riots…nothing of this kind.People should behave sensibly.No anodyne can releive the pain of riots and we need to understand this.I love the concept of “Vishva Mandir”,a lesson in Hindi book of 10th class.A mandir for every religion where anyone can go.People of different religions sit together in an amiable environment,an environment full of amity.There should be only one religion “Peace and Amity”.Peace in the whole world,amity amongst each and every possible pair of human beings.No riots,no bomb blasts,no wars,nothing.Common,gear up for this difficult but possible task.This task doesn’t require any labour from you,the only thing you have to do is to think seriously about what I have said,just think about “Vishva Mandir”.Think with reason,not with religion and make this world a better place to live in.We are living on a land which doesn’t have any characteristic of its own.It depends on us to make it heaven or hell by our activities.Who wants to live in hell,…nobody.Still,these things are happening.This is sheer madness.We need to come out of this madness.We want to live in heaven,don’t we??