ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 : India v Bangladesh – A review

March 18, 2007

Let’s start with the scorecard and the awesome performance of Indian Batsmen.

SC Ganguly 66 178
V Sehwag 2 12
AR Uthappa 9 22
SR Tendulkar 7 40
R Dravid 14 31
Yuvraj Singh 47 60
MS Dhoni 0 5
Harbhajan Singh 0 4
AB Agarkar 0 7
Z Khan not out 15 22
MM Patel 15 17

Fall of wickets 1-6, 2-21, 3-40, 4-72, 5-157, 6-158, 7-159 ,8-159 , 9-159, 10-191

Wow,What a game!Wonderful performance by “Men in Blue”.It appeared as if there was the competition among Indian batsmen in which the winner would be the person with worst performance.I would love to praise our hot favourite V Sehwag.How consistent he is?He proved himself once again.He has shown his skills to the whole world(How to perform bad consistently?and still play for your team(if this would have happened earlier,Ganguly would have definitely taken tips from him to remain in team.).).Indian team should have this thing in mind that they have only 9 wickets in hand(as Sehwag is just for wasting some balls.)

Anyways,let’s come to the toss now.Indian skipper won the toss and chose to bat first, a decision which must have prompted Bangladesh manager to ask ICC to dope test the Indian skipper.Dravid was duly dope tested after the game and one guesses a lot of it must have had to do with his stupid decision.
Then started the downfall of Indian batting.Just have a look at the scorecard(5-157, 9-159).3 ducks (7-159, 8-159, 9-159).3rd highest top scorers were Zaheer and Patel.Only two players could go 20+.That’s why it’s a known fact that we have the best batting line in the whole world.
But,Tamim Iqbal(Bangladeshi batsman,age 17) deserves accolades,the way he played so much confidently against Indian seemers especially Zaheer Khan should be a source of inspiration for our batsmen.I think I should add one more point to my last post(12.) India’ll win the worldcup
Height of optimism).
Well, this was just a start.I extend my best wishes to our team.Hope they’ll play better in the coming games.



  1. Balls maan.. India’s out of the wc.. forget them

  2. I wud like to show _|_ to the Indian team 😀

  3. I would just like to say that…. ‘ there is always hope’ …. are we there just for the good times of our team….and not for the bad times…..if one of our body part gets injured …do we cut and throw it away…… as India came back strongly against… Bermuda… (people they were just Bermuda…)…but then i wud say 413 isn’t a cake walk or is it……… you were right there watching the match…… so be patient….. and be optimistic…. we’ll get in the second round…that’s super eights…..

  4. u blamed hella lot Sehwag,true he is confronting a dark phase of some dismal performances,that happen to every player,u cant remain evergreen.
    isn’t the dazzling inning of 114 against Bermuda signals of his revival.let c how he carry it furthur,but u have to admitt he’s the blaster,never care to pile up records,building the inning inn slumber as other do.
    this isn’t only my stand,a lots of commentators have the same view.Dravid isnot an a**h*** who’s backing him,he know his capability.

    Long live Sehwag!!!…

  5. u seem quite upset with the defeat with Bangladesh….
    take it easy yaar,that very customary to India,signalling their arrival with almost choking throat,and then suddenly rising from ashes.

  6. I bet on India – ICC, BCCI & the Indian players would have already sent the money & threat to loose.

    Common, ICC is not into philanthropy to loose Rs 5,000 crore, which will happen if India looses today.

    Shame on our corporate heads for bringing us to this situation, blindly placing all their advertising budgets on the bunch of jokers.

    Wake up India Inc …. Cricket is not the only thing India is proud of, its probably right down in the list of achievements by Indians.

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