Height of Optimism

March 15, 2007

1.) We have found FC8(Felicity Coordinators 2008).(Shhhhhh!!!! Raaz ko raaz rehne do.Yeh to felicity ke baad hi pata chalega when the host will announce his name on stage.)

2.) I’ll not sleep in the class today.

3.) ITWS3 grades will be out by the end of this sem. (Hopefully before leaving IIIT.)

4.) Sehwag will be back in form.(Atleast after his retirement,when he’ll play gully cricket with his children.)

5.) She’ll propose me. (Rule of thumb :- Girls never propose.)

6.) Kamal sir will not come to the class today. (how can somebody be so much optimistic?)

7.) The decision of increase in quota in elite educational institutions like IITs and IIMs will be taken back.(Why not? “Ghar ka raaz hai na”!)

8.) I’ll not cheat the assignment this time. (Ohhhh!!)

9.) I’ll not shout in Dr Pudi’s class. (Oh Really!Is it in your hands?)

10.) Me, Alizee and nobody else. (No comments.)

11.) After reading this post, people would like to read my next post. (hehehe)



  1. The sarcasm was pretty good, but maybe you shoudn’t have highlighted the same.
    Thanx for the pingback, and yeah.. nice to see you posting regularly!

  2. Well this was a nice one… The spelling is Sehwag and not Sehvag… and abt girl proposing you cant be so sure… someday might be your lucky day and someone might propose you..
    Himmat nahin harte beta.. Ummeed pe duniya kayam hai πŸ™‚

  3. @maroo: may b i shudn’t hv bt i read Deepti’s latest post n i’m quite inspired by dat(say vtevr u wanna say,don’t regrt l8r).

    @himank: thnx for pointin out,i hv chngd dat.n vtevr u hv writn abt d girl z d ht of optimism(hehe).

  4. lolz … nice post dude .. by the way i wish a gilli comes to u and proposes u πŸ˜›

  5. Maruti m**********
    Gilli g****
    Billo b**********
    gilli ka jigri πŸ˜›

  6. nice one dude especially the last one is too coool πŸ˜€

  7. […] batsmen.I think I should add one more point to my last post(12.) India’ll win the worldcup Height of optimism). Well, this was just a start.I extend my best wishes to our team.Hope they’ll play better in […]

  8. well though full of sarcasm…. you can always be optimistic…. but don’t let yourself drown in that optimism….

  9. well though full of sarcasm…. you can always be optimistic…. but don’t let yourself drown in that optimism…. and abt gf .i’ll again say… ‘there is always hope’…..

  10. well i agree with karan… the post wud have been more interesting without those braces…. neways an interesting post…
    @maruti – gilli wont goto ne1 els exept u!!!! πŸ˜›

  11. sir, mast! , good mixture of sarcastic comments

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