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Thanks to Maroo….I’m back in blogosphere

February 26, 2007

A living person I would like to meet: Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.He is a living legend.From a common boat owner’s son to the India’s most distinguished living technocrat and then the President of India.He is the best.

A dead person I would like to meet: Charles Babbage…the father of the computer.

An event in history I would like to change: The decision of allowing East India Company to trade in India.

A movie I would like to witness in real: Nayak….we want our politics in good hands.The decision of IIT guys about building a political party was rocking.But due to some reasons,that party failed before it could set an example for us.

A literary character I would like to meet: Howard Roark….he does whatever he wants to do.



February 21, 2007

Fun….we are always told in childhood that we should enjoy every moment of life but not by making fun of others.Others shouldn’t feel bad.There is a limit which should never be crossed and if crossed at any point of time can result in serious consequences.Who gaveĀ  us the bloddy right to make the fun of others?The first point is……where does it start?Who are the victims?Everybody knows that we do this to those,more precisely,we “can” do this to those whom we think are our close friends but the point which never comes to our mind,which we always forget is “There is a limit to everything”.The repetition of this sentence may not sound good but this is the only point which is coming to my mind and which I want to stress.As far as I’m concerned,I do this a lot,making fun of others without thinking about the consequences,without thinking or trying to think what they feel,without giving stress to mind to think when that limit has reached,without trying to know what is going on in their mind,without knowing what they are thinking about me,without thinking what I would have felt if they would have done this to me,what would I have done in such a sorry situation?The second point is……why do we do this?Number1–> Because we want to enjoy their helplessnes….Is it??No,at least not from my side.Then what?A tad too tough question?Anyways,still I will try to give the best possible answer whichI can think of.The point is,we make fun of only those who are our good friends and we enjoy making fun of them,may be because they are somehow special to us.The intention is not to hurt but to enjoy which is not the case most of the times and we are not able to realize that.Then what to do,should we apologize…the toughest thing in the world?I can’t.I know that it’s wrong but still I can’t.I leave it to the time…”Samay ki marham har zakhm ko bhula deti hai”.When I play T.T.,if somebody hits fast,then I hit the ball with atleast twice of the original speed,without thinking of the consequences and most of the times it doesn’t go to the table.Similarly,if somebody gets angry,instead of apologizing,I also get furious…really very bad but I can’t help.The thing is “Zakhm bhar jate hain par nishan rah jate hain”.So,the best thing is to use the magic word “Sorry”.Here,I sincerely apologize to all those who felt hurt just because of me and I’ll try not to do that again but I know that I can’t help it.So,u guys,better be careful next time.
Enjoy Felicity.