Dreams and Ambitions

September 13, 2006

Bhaiya raised his hands,”sorry yaar,you’ll have to wait for sometime”.Excitement in Manish was at fever pitch but the site was acting like devil as it was too busy.Suddenly the phone rang,…Oh-no…crap…I hv screwed myself…I can’t do anything…I’m a mere burden on this earth…these were the thoughts which came to his mind after listening to whatever the caller told him.
Manish was enjoying his holidays at Sangroor after toiling for 2 years and now waiting for the results to come.He worked really hard during these two years to get an admission in IIT.IIT…IIT…IIT…Oh-He didn’t know when it became an obsession,a mania for him.24×7,he used to think about IIT.His aim  was none other than IIT and now,the day of final judgement,for which he was anxiously waiting had arrived.His excitement had no bar.Bhaiya was trying for more than  an hour but the site of IIT was too busy to open.Suddenly,the phone rang,this was his dad.His mother was standing beside him eagerly waiting for the dreams of her son to come true.But the God had decided a different future for him.He was  dumb at listening the awful result.His father was trying to console him but to no avail.His face was empty.His mother took the receiver.
He didn’t want to perceive his ears to which he had listened just now but he had to reconcile himself to the fact that his dreams of getting an admission into IIT were shattered into a thousand tiny pieces.Although he knew that his maths paper got screwed up,the subject in which he was most confident,but couldn’t write the correct answers(although he knew them) as his hands were shivering like hell,but still,he was anticipating atleast some rank,not under the delusions of grandeur, but the reason being,he matched his answers on sites “xxxx” ,”yyyy” and so … atleast a 50 times.But  now,nothing could be done.The result was irrevocable.He was disgruntled with the result.
He was trying to choke back his tears but his mother knew what was going on in his mind?She caught him weeping red-handed.”Oh-maa,I’m ruined.I wanna go home right now.I can’t afford to waste my time.I have to study a lot to have my name in the list of top IITians next year”.She was already anticipating these words from his mouth.She tried to calm him.She said O.K. and they left for home.
Listening to what happened in Sangroor,papa said”Beta,you have got a very good rank in A.I.E.E.E.-you know that.Of course,we(Papa and muma both) have full confidence in you and you can do whatever you wanna do but listen to me just once.By chance,(Bhawaan na kare)if you don’t get a good rank in IIT and A.I.E.E.E.,the next year due to some  unavoidable circumstances like health problem,then we know,what will be your condition.One more thing is that you will remain in constant tension (we know you) which we won’t be able to see.These were our views but still,the final decision will be yours.Well,you can prepare for IIT in whatever college you go to.It’s your wish”.
Manish understood the matter and chose IIIT to be his final destination(for atleast 1 year).But,he liked IIIT so much that he dropped the idea of preparing for IIT.You can easily find him saying “IIIT can be compared to any of the IITs.It is even better than some of them” in the campus of IIIT.But he knows that “a tag of IIT” matters for sure and this thing will keep pissing him off in future also.

This is not just the story of one boy,but you will find a lot of variants of it.Well,I speculate the guy/gal reading this must also be having some similar story.



  1. yeah.. its such a acommon story, but was beautifully worded by u 🙂
    Nd yeah. IIIT does rock!

  2. it wasn’t a common story …..i don’t agree with Karan..everyone has his or her and each one is unique in it’s own way…..yours is a commendable effort…..your use of a good lexicon, though you misplaced it at certain places, deserves applause…..you have improved a lot…..and about the content…..no hard feelings…on this i agree with Karan….IIIT rocks…..

  3. Very well written almost everyone who has come in this college has come coz he couldnt get into IIT….it is not a matter of choice tht we hav cum here..
    But since i hav entered IIIT i dont have any regrets…i think this college is no way inferior to IIt specially oonsidering the fact that if we wud hav got into IIT we wud hv got ne 3rd grade branch..so CSE here is much bettter than ne sucking branch in ne IIT….
    were else can u get away with just 2 classes in a day .. and many times only one class… I jus wanna say IIIT rox….

  4. a gud personal post 2 start off blogging….d same stroy of a IIITian but narrated in an overwhelmingly lucid and innocent manner…
    i ges most of us wud ave faced similar if not the same situation…..i ve done enuf pondering ovr this IIT / non-IIIT in the past year…aftr all this thot-provoking, i ve come d conclusion that ‘IIT’ hardly matrs…i mean u can alwas get placed in google or microsoft sharing the same package as a bloody IITian…u can do d best of research..u can ave all kinda fun…i don thnk u need nethn els… all this hype at is jus a result a result of the conservative society thinking on some narrow lines….i firmly bliv that the tag vich u ve reffered to jus matters socially and not professionally…and with the times changing i ges its the time is not far when v get d same social acceptance as d IITians….twas sorry 2 c dat u still havent overcome d IIT mania…v can av a tok ovr this issue if u want so….i mean just don giv the IITs or d IIITians a shit…..live ur life peacefully and haffun….and yeah keep blogging….

  5. hey yaar yehi hai sabki kahani…..
    abe saale why the hell u won’t lik IIIT u r our batch topper man….
    bhai hoga bhi kyun nahin aakhir roomate kiska hai ….
    hmm…. in all a very good post ….
    ass now don’t bug me to give comments….

  6. a nicely written post….but i dont think its a common story….as it depends on individuals perception how he takes the result.
    @himank….i dont think he is right as it was my choice to cm here as i haven’t prepared for IIT though i cleared the screening & this evoked my ambitions to get into IIT

  7. yaar ab main kya hi kahun…
    ive not prepared well for both the xams but still luck brought me here :)) IIIT is no less than ne iit now..
    n wat more others hv said so much that nothin is left for me ..
    same i wanna comment…(for u)…

  8. Hmm .. well written dood … IIIT rox but u r rite the “iit” tag makes the diffrence 😀

  9. frankly speaking .. I wanted to go to IIT only because of the very fact that my parents ( specially papa ) could feel proud on me. But I guess everybody can not be on “top” and somebody has to sit and watch “them”. I was not so lucky to enjoy that paticular moment.
    Anyways you made me look back.

  10. first of all .. not all IIITians hav failed to get iit seats .. ther were many in my batch (inc me :D) who came here despite a seat in some IIT.

    if u consider it carefully .. being in IIIT is better. .. if u had gone to IIT and most prolly done some btech in say chem/mech/metallurgy watever … and during placements .. wud end up with a software job. Atleast .. in IIIT u r learning wat u r going to use in ur job .. and yah u wud get the same companies too

    however, the situation is diff for students who r planning to pursue further education .. iit tag does help a lot in securing admissions in top univs abroad.

  11. erm wtf!!!!

  12. this is alot of s**t i wantyed sumthing good not sumthing i cant read

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