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Rubbish Stuff

August 14, 2006

What is talent?What is the definition of personality?Whose personality is considered to be good?Who is creative?Who can take the responsibility?Is a guy,not having any kind of talent,not having a charming personality,not having any kind of creativity,is credulous also??I guess in most of the cases.And this is the only reason for his failure because he readily beleives in whatever is told to him.He does whatever is asked to him-doesn’t matter whether that is wrong or right.He can infallibly be termed as a lapdog. He merely becomes a follower.Is he really not having any talent?
Is it true that he can never do anything in life?Is really personality matters so much?Are all the talents just directly related to personality?Is it true that the person having no personality has no talent?Are his talents concealed by his personality or he really lacks them?And what about his creativity?Oh,i’m sorry,I forgot that how can a person not having any personality,not having any talent,can have creativity?Is it true that such kind of person is just a burden on this earth?
What is the reality?Where lies the truth?Is his shyness and modesty are the reasons?Build is the reason.Attitude is the reason.Or there are some more serious reasons.Is his habit of trying to be overfamiliar with everyone the main reason behind this thing?Is it true that you should “Try to be familiar with everyone but overfamiliar with none”?Is this also true that you should “be courteous to all but intimate with few”?Is intimacy with “many” pays or it is the courtesy which always pays.Or the root is lying somewhere else.
It is usually said that every man(of course women also) is born with a talent.All he needs to do is to realise that and devlop it to the greatest possible extent to turn out the things in his favour.This is true or this is also a fake statement in case of such kind of individual or the staement is true but he is an exception to this rule.Oh,,he is an exception to all the rules of this world.He can’t live here.This is completely a different world.He is a real stranger to this world.His world is different.Either he has to go to that world which is not possible or he has to live according to the rules of this world.He will have to modify himself.He needs a great transition,a big one.He will have to work for it 24×7.A lot of work.Work,work and more work.But in the end,he will find himself at the same point.He is a fool.He will realize that he was moving in a circular path.He can’t do anything.


Why we are lacking?

August 12, 2006

Have you ever thought in what things we(Indians) are lacking and why??Let me throw some light on it.
India a country of millions is not able to win medals in Olympics,India a country of millions have won just 6 noble prizes till date(excluding V.S. Naipaul who is a British writer of Indian origin) and many other such examples can be easily  quoted.Why is this so? Most of the people say that we lack in resources.Do u think that this is the reason for our failure or there is something more than that?
What I personally beleives is that we are lacking in attitude.We have the guts,we have the resources,we have everything necessary for success except a positive attitude.The whole world is running on the mercy of a few leaders like Bill Gates,Newton,Einstein etc–>people having a positive attitude towards success.Such people are able because they think they are able and we are lacking in such kind of people.
We are lacking in leaders who have the self confidence.Most of us just want to remain a common man running after the pleasures of life.Most of us think the work as a drudgery that has been thrust upon us.

My soul asked me to write this article because I recently encountered some events which were clearly indicating the lack of self confidence.We had to do an assignment to make a shell.One of my friend said “he thinks(prof.) that we have become so much good”.I thought that we are going to become software engineers and the people who are doing this job are not much differnt from us.Then why we are saying “we can’t do”….
“Never say die”.
You may be disappointed if you are failed but you are doomed if you do not try.We must remember that we learn to walk by stumbling.Every failure is a stepping stone towards success just like while compiling a C program,error comes.Then you make corrections.This procedure repeats itself sometimes and in the end,you emerge out as a winner.If you don’t start a work just because you think that it will be a failure,then remove this misconception from your mind because a dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.The greatest failure is the failure to try.Never wonder how to do a job,just start and wonder how you did it.The urge to become someone amongst many has its own charm which shouldn’t be resisted but supported with all the powers that you possess.All the things are going to succumb before your hard work.Don’t cry on failures ….”Let us learn from the past to profit by the present and from the present to live better in future”.
Well,I’m not saying that just Indians are lacking this attitude.Of course,most of the people dwelling on this earth have the same problem.But,the awards are clearly indicating the fact that this is a major problem with us.We have to develop the self confidence,enthusiasm and a positive attitude to emerge out as leaders on the face of earth.

Happy Independence Day(in advance)